Students Move Teacher To Tears With His First Birthday Cake In Years

"These are great kids."

It was a throwaway remark that sparked a beautiful act of kindness.

Kyle Simpler told his students at Burleson High School in Burleson, Texas, this week he couldn't remember the last time he'd had a birthday cake.

The conversation ended and he thought nothing else of it. But the students decided to do something special to celebrate their teacher's 59th birthday on Thursday.

They pooled cash to buy him gifts and a cake topped with a picture of his favorite feline, Felix -- and then threw him a surprise party.

Video going viral shows a stunned Simpler walking into his classroom, which the students had decorated with streamers, and one teen handing him a gift.

As the students sing "Happy Birthday," he puts his hands on his head and says, "Oh my God." The visibly emotional educator walks over to a bookcase in tears and adds, "Thank you."

"I was floored," he later told Inside Edition. "It was totally a surprise let me tell you that."

Simpler, who has taught at the school for two years, said his birthdays were usually low-key. "It was memorable to say the least. It made me feel good that I have this group of students. These are great kids," he added.

Student Karlie Moran, who helped organize the party, described her teacher's reaction as "perfect."

"He's always been one of my favorite teachers. My heart broke because everyone's used to cakes," she told Inside Edition.

“When I heard he hadn't had one in 10 years, I said there's no way, we have to change that," she added.

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