Teachers Are Totally Fed Up With The Fidget Spinner Craze

Schools are starting to impose bans.

It’s no shock that children have trouble sitting still, especially when they have to do it in a classroom. But the new widespread craze for fidget spinners, gadgets that are supposed to keep help kids focus, is driving teachers absolutely up the wall.

For those not up on the latest trends, fidget spinners are the latest in the line of “fidget toys” being sold. The little plastic toy seems to have everyone, young and old, totally mesmerized. Even Forbes called the fidget spinner a “must-have office toy.”

These spinners are supposed to help provide an outlet for restless energy while also improving memory and focus. The sensory toys were initially designed to be helpful for parents of children with autism, anxiety and ADD/ADHD.

It all sounds good, but some teachers are noting that fidget spinners are becoming more of a distraction in the classroom than a relief.

Schools are even beginning to ban fidget spinners from classrooms to keep distractions to a minimum. Principal Kate Ellison told The Chicago Tribune that the toys were an overnight sensation at Washington Elementary School until the administration sent out a letter to parents forbidding them.

“Frankly, we’ve found the fidgets were having the opposite effect of what they advertise,” Ellison told The Chicago Tribune. “Kids are trading them or spinning them instead of writing.”

Another school in Brooklyn, Carroll Gardens School For Innovation, had to impose a ban because students were throwing them at each other.

“They are small in size, but can seriously hurt someone,” the school posted to their website. “In an effort to prevent injuries, we must officially ban these fidget spinners from being brought into our school.”

So if your kids have been begging for these little toys, you may want to think twice about giving in to the fad.

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