Teachers' Salaries in Illinois' 10 Biggest School Districts

Illinois teachers' salaries aren't the highest in the country, but our teachers do the important work of educating our children and setting up the next generation for success.

Since there are 866 public school districts in Illinois, we only examined the 25 largest based on student enrollment and calculated the average annual salary for teachers with one year of experience in all subjects (with a bachelor's degree) according to 2012 data from the Family Taxpayers Foundation. Student enrollment numbers were taken from Illinoisreportcard.com.

[Note: Salary data for 2013 is still unavailable due to problems collecting information from school districts, according to the Illinois State Board of Education. State law mandates the publication of annual district report cards no later than Oct. 31, though it's unlikely last year's data will be released in time. The Daily Herald's Jake Griffin has more on this.]

Township HSD 214: $55,103

Township HSD 211: $53,352

Valley View CUSD 365U: $49,897

Chicago Public Schools: $46,136

St. Charles CUSD 303: $45,404

Indian Prairie CUSD 204: $44,330

Aurora West USD 129: $44,121

Cicero SD 99: $43,884

Palatine CCSD 15: $42,783

Naperville CUSD 203: $42,625

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