Teaching Kids That Evolution Is A Lie Through Song (VIDEO)

You're young, you're impressionable, you need guidance and you hate science class. Where do you turn? Geoff Moore and the Distance, the Christian Rock band that gave us such hit albums as "A Friend Like U" and "Ev-O-Lu-Tion." Geoff loves the lord and hates evolution and made a rock video many years ago to spread the gospel of gospels. It's pretty awesome, what with the 90s "special" effects and anti-science rhetoric.

The video starts with a biology teacher saying, "Darwin first did the imminent service of arousing attention to the probability of all change in organic, as well as in the inorganic world, being the result of law, and not of miraculous interposition." Moron. (We see he is a moron cause of his annoying voice and lack of hotness.) It follows a young woman in the class and her magical textbook that holds singing Christians. They tell her that, "It takes a lot of faith to say we're accidents of nature, but I believe we are the work of a loving Creator." (Via Videogum)


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