Team Earth: Are You In?

Saving the planet won't be easy -- and it's certainly not something you can do alone. That's why I need your help -- and that's why I've joined

We all know that our planet is at a critical juncture: and humanity needs a healthy planet to survive.

The facts could not be more clear: The burning and clearing of tropical forests puts more carbon into the atmosphere than the entire world's cars, trucks, planes, trains, and ships combined. When our forests disappear, temperatures rise. Luckily, there is an immediate solution that requires only political will: save the forests that provide so many benefits for us all.

That's why Team Earth is issuing an urgent, immediate challenge by teaming up with the Prince's Rainforest Project to call for swift action and funding to reduce tropical deforestation -- and create incentives for a new approach to environmentally friendly economic development.

To succeed, we will need the support of the governments and communities of rainforest nations, meaningful involvement from private investors and the governments of major developed countries -- and the citizens who can force them to act.

That's where you come in.

By signing up you can join the chorus calling for urgent action to fight climate change by addressing rainforest destruction -- and help assure that we can gain the support of the many partners needed to win this fight.

It's that easy. Just join Team Earth and we'll help you do your part.

We've done great things before, and now is the time for us to do them once more.

Are you in?