Team USA Olympians In College (PHOTOS)

When the 2012 London Olympics begin on July 27, young athletes such as USA track & field team's Emma Coburn or USA men's gymnast Jake Dalton will amaze us with their strength, determination, and talent.

However, these athletes have not left their education behind. Emma Coburn proudly attends her home state's University of Colorado, Boulder while Jake Dalton is a University of Oklahoma Sooner. Even British diving star Tom Daley plans to continue at university (as they say across the pond) once the games have finished.

Though we may complain about the time consumed by extracurriculars like club frisbee, these students have somehow managed to excel in their sport while keeping a handle on their academics.

The list below details where some of these college olympians are attending college. Many of them have taken a leave of absence to train for the 2012 London games, but who can blame them?

Don't forget to play our game. See if you can match the all-time greats with their alma maters.

Olympians Currently In College