TeamYetta NYC Survey Results -- CitiBike

Check out the results from our survey last week on Citibike below. Then, click here to take part in this week's #TeamYetta Neighborhood Survey on Composting.

CitiBike and YOU! Here's what we found:

Under 13 percent of those taking the survey had actually used Citibike. Of those who used it, 90 percent said it was good or even excellent. Twenty-one percent had "no opinion" about Citibike, and over 34 percent either "disliked" Citibike or "hated" it.

Many people sited positive benefits of Citibike such as increased health, better cross-town mobility, convenience, and reduction of carbon emissions -- all fantastic benefits. However, over 37 percent could think of "nothing" positive about Citibikes.

The most amusing response to this question was: " are frankly less of a problem than people leaping out from between parked cars like suicidal deer in the hinterlands."

The biggest gripes for folks regarding Citibikes was the lack of helmets, the corporate logo and branding, and the "high handed intrusion of these racks on neighborhood streets" -- all very reasonable complaints.

Finally, people offered some really great ideas to make Citibike better. Some of the best?
  1. Provide classes on City riding as well as handouts, not just laws and rules, but strategies to make it safe for yourself and others
  2. Get rid of corporate logo, and
  3. Move them in front of Citibanks rather than in front of small businesses and residences.

One idea I had is to require all Citibike riders to punch into the terminal when they pick up their bike that they agree to wear a helmet, that they understand and will obey all traffic rules and then be shown a couple of safety tips.

Keep letting us know your thoughts and ideas and please participate in this week's #TeamYetta Neighborhood Survey. The topic? Composting in NYC!