Tearjerking Video Shows Mom Feeling Her Babies Kick Inside Her Surrogate

Pass the tissues.

An emotional video from Huggies is showcasing a product that has the power to truly touch parents’ lives.

The video features Sharde, a woman who is unable to carry a baby due to her battle with cancer. But thanks to the selflessness of her friend Antoinette, Sharde and her husband Jake are expecting twin daughters via surrogate.

As a five-year cancer survivor, the mom-to-be doesn’t take anything for granted and although she is grateful and excited to welcome her babies, Sharde longs for some of the most precious aspects of pregnancy.

“To feel them and have them move inside me and feel a kick ― that’s something I”ll never be able to experience,” she explains.

That’s where Huggies comes in. The company gave Sharde and Antoinette the Huggies Baby Belt ― a wrap-around belly band which allows the mom to feel her babies’ movements and kicks along with her surrogate. Originally developed for dads, the belt clearly has an even broader use.

Though the belt is not available in stores, a Huggies team travels around the world to share it with families in special situations. As Sharde’s video shows, the experience can be very emotional.

In honor of Sharde’s story and National Hugging Day on Jan. 21, Huggies pledged to donate $1 to its “No Baby Unhugged” program, which offers grants to hospital hugging programs for preemies in the NICU.

Because baby-hugging is a cause we can all get behind.

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