Tearjerking Video Shows The First Time A Mom Held Her Preemie

Baby Hugo weighed two pounds, one ounce at birth.

A powerful viral video is giving Facebook users a glimpse into the bond between a mother and her premature baby.

Love What Matters shared a video of the first time mom Jessica Collinson held her son Hugo, who was born 10 weeks before his due date. According to the Facebook video caption, Hugo was quickly rushed to the NICU after his C-section birth.

"Jessica was only briefly able to see him as she needed to recover as well," the text adds. "It wasn't until almost 60 hours later that Jessica was finally able to hold her baby boy for the first time."

In the emotional video, the mom gently holds Hugo against her chest and strokes the preemie. It's a powerful moment of joy in the midst of a difficult journey.

The video has been viewed over seven million times. In a follow-up post on Love What Matters' Facebook page, Hugo's parents thanked viewers for their support and shared some updates about their son. After seven weeks in three different NICUs, the once two pound, one ounce baby boy is back home with his family.

As the video caption concludes, "I hope that this video can show people that Love is the most important thing in anyone's life. Without it we will simply exist, when the goal is to live."

Cue the waterworks.

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