Tebowing: Tim Tebow Meme Becomes Officially Recognized Word, Elway Says 'Mile High Magic' Is Back

Tim Tebow is no stranger to overcoming what seems impossible, he just did it again on Sunday against the Bears in overtime. However, there's a new impossible that Tim Tebow has just overcome -- "Tebowing" is now an officially recognized word by the Global Language Monitor (GLM), according to USA Today.

USA Today reports that a press release from the GLM states that the use of Tebowing has "seldom been equaled, mirroring, for example, the rate of adoption of the word Obmamania in early 2008."

Tebowing, as the GLM defines it is "the act of taking a knee in prayer during an athletic contest," began sweeping the nation when Tebow took a knee following the Broncos comeback win against the Miami Dolphins and from there a new Internet meme was born, spawning Tweets of people Tebowing in various settings and even a website that documents the entire phenomena.

But the Tebowmania doesn't stop with memes and new words. There is even a line of holiday cards with Tim Tebow Tebowing to baby Jesus, himself. And who could forget the Tebow "Jesus" jerseys or the nearly endless stream of videos celebrating the polarizing quarterback (WATCH ONE OF THE LATEST ABOVE).

Even the skeptical Broncos executive John Elway appears to be warming up to Tebowmania. Last week, Elway said that "there is nobody more supportive" of Tebow than he is, Fox Sports reported. But, regardless of all the hype, it really is all about winning, Elway tweeted about the return of the "Mile High Magic" on Monday and Broncos fans will take the "Mile High Magic," however they can get it.

It's hard not to get excited about what is going on in Denver with Tebow, because like the lyrics to the song in the video above state, "all he does is win."

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