Tecate Michelada Review: Taste Testing The U.S.'s First Canned Michelada

Taste Test: The U.S.'s First Canned Michelada

Last month, we learned that Tecate was introducing the country's first canned michelada. Naturally, we had to sample it.

A michelada is technically a beer cocktail typically made with lime juice, hot sauce and spices. Tecate's version contains Tecate beer, natural lime flavor, spice flavors and caramel color.

While we admit that it's an interesting idea for a product, no one was particularly in love with the execution. The Tecate Michelada was missing that kick of spice that makes micheladas so great. Instead, we were overwhelmed by an attempt at fresh lime flavor that didn't quite work.

Reactions ranged from "This smells like frat house basement" to "This tastes like carbonated hot sauce and lime lollipops. BOO." One was willing to almost come to the beer's defense. "While they haven't quite nailed the flavor they were going for -- there's a hint of lime, but really no spice -- it's still completely drinkable."

While everyone agreed that Tecate makes a great beer when making a homemade michelada, combining the beer and various other flavors in a can doesn't quite work.

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