Tech Addicted Parents May Pick Blackberrys Over Babies (VIDEO)

Tweens and teens take a lot of flack for being tuned-out texters and tweeters glued 24/7 to their cellphones.

Turns out, their parents aren't much better.

The New York Times and CBS (see video below) have done segments on "tech addicted parents" who have trouble balancing the attention they give to their babies and their BlackBerrys.

Sherry Turkle, director of MIT's Initiative on Technology and Self, has studied the effect of technology on children and parenting. "After five years and 300 interviews, she has found that feelings of hurt, jealousy and competition are widespread," the New York Times reports.

Turkle told the New York Times, "Over and over, kids raised the same three examples of feeling hurt and not wanting to show it when their mom or dad would be on their devices instead of paying attention to them: at meals, during pickup after either school or an extracurricular activity, and during sports events."

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