Tech Gifts: 7 Great Finds For Midlifers

Besides a universal remote that is easy to program and can actually replace the five other remotes you currently need to watch TV, what tech devices are out there that would appeal to the midlifer on your gift list? We spoke to tech blogger Lori McCoy for her ideas and threw in a few of our own. Try these:

  1. Password Vault
. The only flaw we see with this device is the obvious one: You need to remember a password to unlock it. The Sharper Image Password Vault is a pocket-size device that stores up to 400 website addresses, usernames, passwords, and ATM PINs. In case it's lost, stolen or misplaced, it locks your information for 30 minutes after five unsuccessful attempts to access it.

  • Keyboard For iPad Mini

  • The mini is the latest, greatest iPad du jour, so if your techie friends have one, a nice side gift is the keyboard to use with it. It's an iPad cover with the keyboard built in and is just only 10 percent smaller than the regular Apple keyboard -- enabling you to actually see it.

  • Speakers To Rock With

  • Every midlifer knows that our best Mick Jagger impressions are performed in the car. These nifty Jambox bluetooth speakers will give the guy blasting his music at the red light a run for his money.

  • Roku Box For Your TV Needs

  • Starting at just $49.95, Roku could be pretty much all you need instead of Dish and cable. McCoy said she watches more than 600 Roku channels and gets Hulu, Netflix and anything from Amazon Instant Video. She has two of them and said she loves them so much that she probably should work in their marketing department.

  • Amazon Prime

  • For $79 a year, you get free two-day shipping on any order, as well as access to a plethora of movies on Amazon Instant Video for free. (Only certain videos, not all.) In addition you can purchase your favorite TV shows through Amazon's "season pass" and get them on your tablet or laptop a day or so after it airs. And you have it permanently; it's not a rental. McCoy bought a wooden rocking loveseat for her porch and got free two-day shipping. That alone paid for the Prime membership.

  • Native Union Cell Phone Handset

  • This is an actual handset that you can plug into your cell phone. It's a cool retro piece, but design kudos aside, the handset is a hand-saver on long calls and has great sound. For the many who have given up their landlines and rely solely on their cells, you can't beat it. They come in multiple colors and sell for about $29.99.

  • Solar Cell Phone Charger
  • We still shudder at the horror of Hurricane Sandy, with New Yorkers huddled around power strips hoping to juice up their cell phones just a little. A
    may be the ultimate item in your emergency survival kit. McCoy likes the one from REI that sells for about65. It can also charge all your electronic devices.


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