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The desire to personalize your cell phone has been part of our lives for many years now; from being able to select ring tones that were like Pac-Man sound effects, to turning your smartphone into minions.
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The desire to personalize your cell phone has been part of our lives for many years now; from being able to select ring tones that were like Pac-Man sound effects, to turning your smartphone into minions.

In all the craziness that's out there in the market, however, there is still a place for style and high-end fashion. One of the first instances of this was when Dolce & Gabbana 'styled' the golden Motorola Razr phone, and the trend didn't stop there.

Regardless of the accessories that came with phones, many of the phone manufacturers realized the importance of good design, most notable of all being Apple, for their iconic iPhone. There's nothing to say that good style can't be improved upon, however, and who else is able to build on style other than fans of the brand?

That attitude ties in well with the reason behind why the brand 'More' works exclusively with the iPhone. With good reason, as company director Firat Yirik, explained to me:

"We noticed, very early on, that the market for Apple accessories were overcrowded ... after analyzing the market closely, most accessories were either very ugly or poor in quality which did not deserve to be around Apple products. We then looked at the reviews provided by customers who purchased these accessories and majority of the reviews revealed a pattern of a regretful experience."

More is Apple only, Yirik explains, inspired by their own designers, but also Apple itself, to produce beautifully crafted accessories along with exceptional quality and sleek appearance. By blending sleek aesthetics with maximum protection, More's products create a fine but achievable balance between keeping one's phone protected while keeping up with style trends.

Every fashion accessories brand tries to push their boundaries, but many are bound by the restrictions of other factors, such as materials or products they hope to complement. In More's case, however, despite being aware of Apple's design changes, they have been very brave lately. The team have decided to launch their iPhone 6s range covers, before the phone's specs have even been announced by Apple.

Such a move is undoubtedly risky, but Yirik explains that there is method in their madness:

"Our previous experience of the market grew our confidence", he explains, "to be able to release accessories ahead of [...] the as-yet-unseen and unnamed iPhone. We can proudly say that we are the first company in the world to pre-release iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus cases before the phone itself is made available to the public, therefore giving our customers the chance of protection from day one."

"We rely on our own sources for information," Yirik adds, "and don't go along with leaks provided by tech blogs or sources inside Apple factories, let's call it a well-educated guess!"

Whether or not the move pays off is yet to be seen, although the confidence is palpable. Still, the announcement of the 6s is only one event in a company's (hopefully) long life. Where is the trend in this phone fashion going? And, do such products look towards the catwalk as much as the tech lab? Yirik explains that it is a balanced mixture of both, as new technologies become available.

"I would say the trend of accessories doesn't follow a specific fashion trend pattern", he says, "and focuses priorly on the new technologies, such as drop protection, protective cushions and materials, [...] while giving it a unique edge with a fashionable sleek appearance that matches their personal taste to make a statement with their devices... Our designers keep on top of latest fashion trends and carefully blend the design with quality materials to make some of the best accessories in the market thats sets the standard for others to follow".

With a pre-released exclusive range of iPhone 6S & iPhone 6 Plus cases before any other retailer - without an official release date from Apple - you'd expect such a company to sit back and see what happens next. Not the case (pardon the pun) with More, as they are already working on a new range of accessories, due to be revealed before September 9 (Apple's expected launch date).

Yirik and his team ooze confidence when it comes to their work. Don't ask them how, they just seem to know More.

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