Tech Leaders Come Together To Solve Industry's Diversity Problem

"This was about meeting people who can help you take those dreams to scale."

The tech industry has long faced a challenge that can only be fixed from within -- diversity. And leaders in the industry want a solution.

Last weekend, 150 leading innovators in the tech world convened in New York to attend the sixth annual Cultural Shifting Weekend to celebrate diversity in tech and discuss ways to shape the future of tech, business and society in a two-day event, including a Think Tank and an Awards Brunch.

The theme of this year's event was “Disrupting Traditional Business Models.” Participants included corporate representatives from Google, Microsoft, Intuit, Uber, among others and policy makers.

"This is not just about a theoretical exercise. This was about meeting people who can help you take those dreams to scale," Bronx Assemblyman Michael Blake said. "Culture Shift Labs is connecting us to the opportunity and to each other."

Culture Shift Labs, an advisory organization for businesses, coordinated the event. Andrea Hoffman, the organization's founder, has been advising corporations in engaging their underrepresented consumers and employees for over two decades.

“My convenings are known for deal flow and collaboration opportunities among senior leaders,” Hoffman said.

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of Culture Shift Labs and tech leaders the industry is slowly but surely changing for the better. 

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