Affluent Say Tech Makes Life More Stressful: Study

Rich Say Tech Makes Life More Stressful

In the past ten years, people have become more and more plugged in -- but they're also more stressed out than ever.

In a study conducted by Ipsos Mendelsohn and presented by AdAge, households earning over $100,000 a year gave their insights into how life has changed in the past decade.

According to the study, those surveyed spend over 25 hours online each week and own an average of 3.5 TVs (three-fourths "have at least one high-definition TV," notes AdAge). Fifty-two percent own smartphones, while 23 percent own eReaders. Though only 14 percent own tablets, another 15 percent plan to buy one in the next year.

When asked how their lives have changed in the past ten years, "infused with technology" came in as the top answer. But the next most popular responses included "more complicated," "more stressful" and "focused on finding ways to do more with less," highlighting some of the difficulties that have also emerged. Less than half of the respondents said life was "more fun" or "easier."

AdAge concludes, "As people of means acquire more technological devices to simplify their lives, their lives have actually become more complicated," and adds, "At least in the short-term, expect both trends to continue -- enthusiastic adoption of new technology, and the increasing complication of everyday life."

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