Techno Wonders at the ITP Winter Show

Walking the floor at the ITP Winter Show at NYU.

Homemade Robotic Hand - a Low-cost Robotic Hand, with only piece-by-piece materials and standard parts, make it available for everyone to duplicate it only with cardboard, scissor and parts bought in Amazon.

Foggy Mountain - an installation that reflect the life of ancient Chinese literati. The life that immerse in the nature and play string instrument towards foggy mountain.

Sound Boxing - sensors are put into the boxing gloves, they include accelerometer and gyroscope.

Transform - It is alive. It can breath. It has 10 hands, which can stretch out and give many high-fives.

Play Pixels - a 16 x 16 LED matrix using Sparkfun button pads. It is a large version of an arduino based monome.

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