Technological Advancement: What Is the Limit?

Technological Advancement: What Is the Limit?
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The thing about technological advancement is that it's inevitable. It's a part of life. It does not have a pulse, but it's a living thing and in the way of all living things, there's growth.

Since the inception of human existence, each generation has experienced progressions and advancements relevant to its time. I was born in the late eighties and the first major advancement of my time was the internet. Since then my generation has had a front row seat to some of the most extreme technological advancements in history; artificial intelligence, robotics, and telephones that allow you to see your loved ones while on two different continents, just to name a few.

Technology is driven by consumer demand. Telephones, computers, and watches do more than just their innate purpose now, and as long as the public hands over the cash, technology will continue to expand--which is why it's advancing at an exceptional rate. In the past it used to take centuries for innovation to take root and today breakthroughs occur almost daily. It's mind-blowing that we are witnessing so much change in our lifetime, but with a vast amount of technology already in play, change happens faster. It's simply our new normal.

So why would anyone fear these advancements? For some people, the expansion of technology is a little frightening. There are those who wonder that if technology is growing this fast in such a brief amount of time, could it accelerate into uncomfortable territory? IE, the common question: Could technology completely take over? However, it's not the fear of technology that drives this question-- it's not knowing how far technology might expand, and how society may potentially be affected by its growth that evokes trepidation. With the reality of active artificial intelligence and engineers currently toying around with robotics, some worry on a fundamental level that if technology continues to roll full speed ahead, do we run the risk of losing our humanity. I don't think so. And I hope not.

Technology has indeed made things easier for us, but we have to make sure that we don't lose our dexterity in the innovation. It's our responsibility to find a balance where technology properly serves our needs without losing our intrinsic ingenuity. The key is to minimize its misuse, restrain ourselves from overuse, and increase its potential to create a better future for all of us.

Technology has changed the world in ways our ancestors probably could not imagine. If we use it properly we will change the world for the better. It will cure diseases, open many doors, and provide intelligence. Technology is shaping the future--it should not be feared. And If it ends up devastating us due to misuse and corruption, than we only have ourselves to blame.

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