How To Take Control Of Your Tech Habits (INFOGRAPHIC)

The ubiquity of technology has made it quite simple for us to manage just about everything.

Everything, that is, except our own attention.

The ease with which we can simultaneously craft an email, connect with a friend across the world and pay our bills has forced us into a multitasking habit that has actually decreased our efficiency, according to experts.

This digital overload, as Tony Schwartz, author of "Be Excellent At Anything", explained to The Huffington Post in an interview, "makes for a very superficial experience." Schwartz says information in such excess becomes impossible to process, but hard to ignore.

"You end up feeling overwhelmed because what you have is an endless amount of facts without a way of connecting them into a meaningful story."

There are ways of using technology to our advantage while still being mindful of the need to unplug, recharge and be present. Below, find Mindful's common sense strategies for keeping your digital devices from ruling your life.

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