Technology and the Katrina Recovery

New Orleans, LA -- Hurricane Katrina made landfall five years ago Sunday and even though the waters have long since receded, its impact is still being felt.

There are lots of Katrina heroes - the first responders who saved lives, the millions who donated money, the volunteers who helped rebuild and, of course, the local residents who came back to reclaim their communities.

Although its role isn't quite heroic, technology has and continues to play an important role in the recovery of the community and the economy.

According to Louisiana Economic Development, Louisiana is among the top ten states in terms of the growth rate for technology jobs. And at a time when many states are losing tech jobs, Louisiana has gained more than 4,000 high-tech jobs for an 11.3% gain between 2002 and 2007 according to a Tech America's 12th Annual Cyberstates report. What isn't clear is how many of those jobs went to people who were displaced by Katrina.

Audio interview with Louisiana Tech Leaders

To learn more about tech recovery in Louisiana I visited New Orleans where I sat down with Bob Fudickar of Louisiana Economic Development, Mark Lewis and Louisiana Technology Council and Matt Slack, president of AV Solutions. You can listen to the entire 10 minute CBS News/CNET interview on my CNET For the Record Podcast.