Technology for Commercial Greenhouse Cannabis Growers: A Growing Space

Technology for Commercial Greenhouse Cannabis Growers: A Growing Space
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Things are evolving quickly for commercial greenhouse cannabis growers (among others doing business in this industry).

For many years, this space was stagnant. However, as of late, things are picking up and the industry is changing for the better.

A Closer Look at Technology

From the outside looking in, you may not assume that commercial greenhouse cannabis growers rely on some serious technology to produce top of the line results. But once you get an inside view of the industry, you’ll realize that technology is taking over.

Liberty Health Sciences, for example, is one of the major players in this space. Many of the technologies they implement have been used in traditional greenhouses for quite some time.

From weather systems that work with both the inside and outside temperatures to controls for optimizing humidity and lighting, everything is done with the goal of optimizing growth.

When it comes to irrigation and lighting, technology is every bit as important. For example, high pressure sodium lights are used by 90 percent of the world. However, the most successful commercial cannabis greenhouses rely primarily on LED lighting.

Medical vs. Recreational Processing

With the ever changing laws in regards to how cannabis can be used, there can be some gray area when discussing commercial greenhouses.

It’s a common misconception that all commercial greenhouses focus primarily on recreational processing.

George Scorsis, CEO of Liberty Health Sciences, makes it clear that his company is only interested in the medical marijuana market.

He said, “We are a fully medical platform, with no targeting of recreational. We have a license in Florida, as well as a pending application in Ohio. We’re also pursuing licenses in a few other states.”

With this approach, Liberty Health Sciences is able to use its technology to advance the many ways cannabis is used in medicine.

“We take an analytical approach to the states,” noted Scorsis. “Due to state regulations, there is enough allowance for a wide array of chronic conditions. For example, about 30 percent of the Florida population could qualify for medical cannabis due to their chronic conditions. A medical doctor can prescribe cannabis for things such as seizures, pain, PTSD, and sleep disorders; and that’s just the start.

Final Thoughts

When you combine a focus on medical processing with the use of advanced technology, there are commercial greenhouse growers doing big things in the world of medicine. They’re putting a positive spin on an industry that is often misunderstood, all the while providing patients in need with safe medicine.

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