Technology is Just an Enabler of Something Big. Human Potential !

Blockchain is perhaps one of the most popular technology buzzwords across the world today. One of the reasons for this is perhaps the popularity of BitCoin, the famed internet born money that is anonymous, can be exchanged between anyone and has dramatically claimed to fame with its rising valuation.

Blockchain is the product of the Distributed ledger framework that essentially recreates the ideas of a traditional accounting ledger. Just over a week ago I was in front of the top minds in the North American Accounting Industry and speaking about what the effects of Blockchain could be on the industry and we can mitigate towards a favourable outcome for accounting in todays time of digital disruption.

Business Value created through Blockchain and related technologies that can be categorised under it span from use cases in the financial industries to tracing the origins of Beef and Coffee. In other areas, some of the use cases that are emerging are from Logistics, Contracting and Retail.

One of my upcoming talks in November will be at the AMS Fest, a gathering of top technologists and decision makers who work with and for Associations. Associations are truly magical because they touch multiple parties and are at the epicenter of leadership and change. At the AMS Fest, my goal will be to showcase the overall impact of Blockchain as a technology and how associations of all kinds can now look into utilizing Blockchain to help their members create tremendous amount of value. Of course it goes without saying that the overall impact of any technology can never be utilized immediately when it is far too complex to implement, but I do believe that we are at the right time to look into the next 2 to 5 years and how business will change as a result of emerging tech.

Technology today has changed the way it creates value. Most of the decision makers who end up creating change through technology are not technologists but have a clear understanding of business challenges. Thats such as great shift from how traditionally technology was viewed- as a domain of people who know technology.

My recommendation to everyone today is to learn how to think of a solution in problems that you see around and then connect with people who can help you create a solution through technology. If you are interested in technology that is wonderful, but you do not need to be a technologist to be a solution creator or someone who solves a problem.

Tell me about how you view technology as an enabler and what challenges you are facing today that is stopping you from achieving your goals. If you are more interested in Associations and what they do, check out ASAE, the association of associations or drop me a line if you are looking for someone or something very specific in the world of Associations and/or Technology.

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