23 Things Your Kids Will Never Understand

Technology is moving fast. Like, really fast.

Seriously, your kids are going to have no clue about so many things we were using only 10 or 15 years ago. Here's some of the tech they'll never use, and experiences they'll never understand:

1. The floppy disk.

floppy disk

Forget the fact that the average floppy disk could only hold 1.44 megabytes of information and that we have 1 terabyte thumb drives now. These things were powerful.

floppy disk

And your kids will never, ever know the glee of sliding that metal part.

But seriously:


2. The VCR.


So they won't have to deal with the frustration of this.


Or this.

Or when you accidentally recorded over a home video or your favorite show.

Or when someone forgot to rewind the tape.

Speaking of rewinding tapes, you'll definitely never have to tell your kids about...

3. Video rental stores.

Because this...

blockbuster video

Turned into this:

blockbuster video

Speaking of other places you probably won't be taking them...

4. The photo store to get your film developed.

photography store film

Pffft, kids and their fancy smartphone cameras will never feel the joy of dropping off a fresh roll of film.

Or the realization that half your disposable camera pictures didn't turn out very well.

Or the shakeshakeshake glory of this guy.

polaroid camera

Because downloading everything is easier now, they won't think about...

5. Record stores.

tower records

Admit it. That picture makes you a little bit sad. They also won't know the, ahem, other ways you could get music.

downloaded documentary

At least they won't have to listen to music on "Hit Clips"...

hit clips

Or deal with the agony of a skipping CD on a Walkman...


But then again, they won't ever have the beautiful feeling of these pages on their fingers:


Come to think of it, how will your kids show their love without...

6. Mix tapes.

mix tape

How will these kids make a musical romantic gesture? With a Spotify playlist?

Back home they won't worry about...

7. Wired Internet.

ethernet cable

They definitely won't understand how we felt when realized the Internet was in the air now.

When they do go on the Internet they won't have to deal with the horror of...

8. Dial-up Internet.

ethernet cable

So they won't have to listen to...


All the ungodly sounds of dial-up Internet, as if your computer were trying to make contact with aliens.

Seriously, what is that!?

Joining the horrible noises pantheon, they probably won't be using...

10. Fax machines.

fax machines

With all their high speed mumbo jumbo they won't know the patience it took when...

11. An image loaded like THIS.

They won't know the constant familial struggle of making sure no one was on the...

12. Landline phone, just so you can use the Internet.

landline phone

Firing up your computer won't take as long for them thanks to the disappearance of...

13. Slow starting computers.

Years later...

They probably won't end up using...

14. Microsoft Windows.

microsoft windows 95

And they definitely will never enjoy...

15. All those AMAZING screensavers.

Because of Wikipedia, they won't have to crack open one of these bad boys...

16. The encyclopedia.


Because of all the information available instantaneously on the Internet, they won't have ever know the feeling of...

17. Not being able to know or verify something IMMEDIATELY.

apple iphone

Or the finger straining exercise of...

18. Not having anything to watch because there were only so many TV channels and no DVR.

Or having the patience to find something to watch using...

19. TV Guide magazine.

tv guide magazine

van der beek

How about the lung capacity needed to...

20. Blow into that video game cartridge to finally get it working.



With text messaging, they won't feel the high-octane thrill of classroom communication through...

21. Passing notes.

passing notes

Unfortunately for them, they will always have to deal with...

22. Cell phones, cell phones everywhere at movie theatres and concerts, ruining everything.

movie theater cell phone

passing notes

Seriously, filming a concert with your tablet!?

But most of all, they will never, ever understand...

23. What a world without smartphones was like.

No more disconnected dinners.

cell phone dinner

Or simply taking a stroll with friends.

cell phone dinner

And last but not least, they won't know just how truly boring being on the toilet once was. They will think we read the shampoo bottle label or something.

bathroom phone

In summary:

in summary

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