Traveling is really all about connecting. Connecting with people, connecting with places, connecting with memories and connecting with experiences. And if there's one thing technology does well, it's connect the dots.
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Technology, People and travel

In a world of online bookings and endless search-focused resources at our fingertips; it's easy to jump to the conclusion that technology has rendered the human aspect of travel planning obsolete. Technology -- when well built and used appropriately -- has the power to render travel more human than ever. Tools like the ones we develop empower travelers and experience providers with the information and visibility they need to provide a truly personalized and genuine travel experience. Trends seem to indicate that we're less and less interested in owning actual things and increasingly interested in collecting unique experiences. All the more reason to believe that modern traveling is changing.

Visibility, Inventory and Accessibility

There are many ways in which technology can help us connect with one another. Take, for example, a small activity provider and organizer who offers unique, eco-friendly desert treks across Australia's endless stretches of unspoiled land. With such a niche offering and limited time to manage online marketing and branding, it can be difficult for the provider to attract new visitors and potential clients. It is a hassle to advertise tours on multiple platforms, keep up with new technology and manage countless booking platforms.

By having access to things like real-time inventory management information, advertisement and visibility dashboards and international networks of potential partnerships, that provider can attract new customers without ever taking any time away from what he does best: guide people through what will likely be one of the most incredible experiences of their lives.

AI Travel Agents

Technology gives travelers access to a lot of information that can be very overwhelming. Not everyone wants to spend hours independently scouring the internet to unearth the most exclusive and obscure of travel activities and experiences. The fact is, our time is worth money, and recent stats by the Cornell School of Hotel Administration show that most of us visit a minimum of 15 travel sites before booking a room, while 5% visit over 150. And that's only for a roof over your head -- you haven't even started scoping out experiences yet! With tools like our AI concierge service, travelers can send a text message to an AI travel agent who will find, suggest and book travel activities near you; all while on-the-go and on your phone!

The Power of Personalization

Another powerful change brought on my technology is the ability to truly personalize your travel experience and preparations. Industry experts agree, personalization and smart data use is no longer a luxury - it's expected. Up to 40% of travelers studied by Amadeus in their quest to track travel trends told researchers they were willing to share information about their hobbies, interests and preferences if it could lead to better suggestions and a more tailored overall travel experience.

Modern technology and algorithms lead to better recommendations and a wider range of potential travel experiences, which then ensures that you're booking activities that truly suit and excite you -- even if you'd never considered them before. That, in turn, almost inevitably leads you to interacting with people with whom you're already likelier to share interests and curiosities. Though a generic tour of Egypt's pyramids booked through a traditional brochure could find you bundled in with a wide-ranging and perhaps ill-fitted group of travelers, a night-time archaeology trek is almost sure to attract the like-minded and adventurous.

Traveling is really all about connecting. Connecting with people, connecting with places, connecting with memories and connecting with experiences. And if there's one thing technology does well, it's connect the dots. So why not embrace the role devices and innovation play in our modern travel experience? Why not skip the hours spent on research and digging by allowing a knowledgeable AI travel agent do a part of the legwork for us? Why not harness technology and see how it can help all of us focus less on semantics, and more on each other? That's what we're trying to do, and we'd love it if you came along for the ride.

Sara Ahmadian is the co-founder and CEO of Seamless Planet. She's passionate about entrepreneurship, engineering and globetrotting.

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