Building a Global Humanitarian Intelligence Platform and Infrastructure

intelligent elderly man in full ...
intelligent elderly man in full ...

The global community and social intelligence has made remarkable advances over the past decade. In less than five years we have been able to bring together 500 million people on one platform for the purposes of communicating various likes and dislikes, favorite foods, music and personal information (personal info/intelligence). Great technology advances have included the global ability of anyone to shoot a video image of themselves, or whomever, and post/upload the video images to the world wide web so that literally hundreds of millions of provocateurs can peer into the windows or over the fences at ourselves or others. We have taken this technology and, with free applications, given to the masses access to our most personal info. The problem with masses is some of the masses are not friendly or even our enemy. New technologies, which are commonplace in the social networks, are in the hands of those who wish us harm. The Internet, as wonderfully beneficial as it seems, has been the proverbial "opened barn door." How do we as concerned citizens of this planet rationalize free and unfiltered access to any written or spoken communication? This is giving access to enemies of all types and forms. Unacceptable!

A platform that can act as a private cloud for the sole purpose of exchanging real time images, intelligence, vetting, financial transactions, accountability assessments and all other needs to those who are in the fields of humanitarian outreach, humanitarian logistics, human need care, human rights monitoring, crisis management, disease control and all forms of intelligence gathering for the benefit of human beings in crisis or need, is a platform that can revolutionize communications and humanitarian activities. Equally important, a platform of this nature and structure would provide many others the much needed tools in the abatement of poverty, war crimes, genocide attempts and all other related atrocities.

Truly, a platform this large and capable could be managed from multiple single sources for the benefit of growing the capabilities with the proper protocols and managed maturity that would permit this platform to be all encompassing in its abilities and, most importantly, managed with controls to prevent any type of future "WikiLeak invasions and destruction tactics".

In this day and age with countries and their/our collective capabilities being able to access a platform network like AllHumanity that could look into the desert fields of Darfur with live feeds, while monitoring real time financial transactions at Barclays Bank in Chad/Cameroon Oil, while communicating with WorldVision, CARE or the IMC ground field associates, while logistics in New York or Paris prepare aid, while the CDC locates a dilemma and all at the same "private moment" is an access that's time has come.

If we can Twitter our every move and thought to the world; if we can Facebook ourselves to fame and fortune; if we can locate anyone we ever bumped into throughout our lives and record their address, phone etc, then, we can locate a war lord's army who is killing thousands of children; help locate and treat victims of earthquakes, hurricanes and natural disasters; rush food and supplies to crisis centers and be able to help humanity in leaps and bounds.