Heavy Cell Phone And Computer Use Could Impair Sleep, Research Suggests

A Sleep-Related Reason To Unplug

All that technology in your life could be affecting how you sleep at night.

Researchers from the Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg found a link between heavy phone and computer use and sleep disturbances.

The research included multiple questionnaires that were answered by 4,100 young people (between ages 20 and 24), as well as 32 people who were considered "heavy" information and communication technology users.

"Regularly using a computer late at night is associated not only with sleep disorders but also with stress and depressive symptoms in both men and women," study researcher Sara Thomee, a doctoral student, said in a statement.

The findings also suggested that people who are always reaching for their phones -- called "constant accessibility" -- had more stress and symptoms of depression because of it, not to mention sleeping problems for men.

The researchers suggested that people unplug more to decrease the risk for these sleep problems and mental issues.

"This means taking breaks, taking time to recover after intensive use, and putting limits on your availability," Thomee said in the statement.

Similarly, a study from researchers at the Missouri University of Science and Technology showed a link between depressive symptoms and excessive online chatting and frequent checking of e-mail.

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