Ted Cruz Denies Report That He's Going To Run For President

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) pushed back on a report that he is leaning heavily toward seeking the White House in 2016, saying on Monday that he has not yet decided whether he will run.

"At this point, it's 90/10 he's in," an anonymous Cruz adviser told National Journal over the weekend. "And honestly, 90 is lowballing it."

On Monday, Cruz dismissed the report, insisting that he and his wife have not yet reached a decision.

“Contrary to media reports this morning, Heidi and I have not made any decisions about political plans past the mid-term elections,” he said on his Facebook page.

“Clearly we have an overzealous supporter out there making freelance comments, but to be clear, no decision has been made. Whoever this 'anonymous advisor' was, he or she had no authority to speak, and doesn't know what they're talking about,” the senator added.

Cruz, who was only elected to the Senate in 2012, won a straw poll for presidential contenders at the conservative Values Voter Summit this weekend. The tea party favorite also helped influence the failure of immigration reform in the House of Representatives in July this year and led the effort to shut down the government in 2013 in an attempt to defund the Affordable Care Act.



Sen. Ted Cruz