Ted Cruz Calls Basketball Hoop A 'Ring' And Forever Tarnishes 'Hoosiers'

Never forget.

In what will henceforth be remembered as Ted’s Terrible Tuesday, Ted Cruz (R-Texas) bricked big in the night’s primaries and in an even more damning misstep, he completely botched a re-enactment of the timeless movie “Hoosiers” when he called a basketball hoop a "ring."

Cruz chose to hold a rally outside Indianapolis at the gym where the iconic basketball movie was filmed. The GOP presidential candidate has touted his love of the 1986 film, which tells the inspiring tale of a small-town high school basketball coach played by Gene Hackman who leads his team to the state championship. Cruz elected to stump in Indiana instead of hanging around for a primary drubbing in five northeastern states.

On Tuesday night, Cruz was trying to re-create the scene where Hackman measures the court lines and hoop at the court where the state championship is to be played, to show that the measurements are the same as their home court.

Watch the clip of the original scene, and remember that this movie has been used to inspire every athlete in the nation to greatness. Also remember that this movie is very near and dear to Hoosiers, as residents of Indiana call themselves.

Cruz deviated from the script, introducing the term "basketball ring," which is not a thing. 

"The amazing thing is, that basketball ring in Indiana, it's the same height as it is New York City and every other place in this country," he says, as a man measures the height of the basketball hoop.

Cruz finished the night with zero wins in the primaries, and with a flagrant foul for his sports movie sacrilege.



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