Ted Cruz Campaign Fundraising Surges Ahead Of Ben Carson

The latest fundraising reports were dismal for Carson's flagging campaign.

Sen. Ted Cruz's (R-Texas) campaign fundraising is poised to overtake the long-running Republican leader in hard money, Dr. Ben Carson, with figures that bode well for Cruz and very badly for Carson.

Cruz's campaign has collected $54.1 million over the course of the race, while Carson had collected $57 million, according to campaign finance reports filed on Saturday.  In January alone, Cruz's campaign raised more than $7.6 million, while Carson reported just half that, with $3.8 million in receipts. 

At the end on January, Carson's campaign only had $4.1 million left in cash, with flagging momentum and a long primary still to go. Cruz, however, had more than $13.5 million, making him well poised to spend money going into Super Tuesday next month.

Cruz is also backed by numerous Super PACs, which have spent millions on ads attacking his opponents. The Super PACs supporting Carson, The 2016 Committee and Let's Do Better America, have focused instead on direct mail appeals.

At the end of 2015, Carson's Super PACs had raised a total of $10.4 million, while the Super PACs supporting Cruz had raked in a combined $41.7 million. With Super Tuesday around the corner, Carson's outside spending groups are unprepared to make the sort of media buys his rivals are planning.

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