Ted Cruz's Failure

When we head to the polls to vote we usually cast our ballots for the candidate that we think serves our interests best. But self-interest can take on a whole different meaning when the voter in that booth is a cartoonist. What is the self-interest of a cartoonist? Is it what's best for the country and the artist's family, finances and future? Or is it what's best for lampooning possibilities?

I have to admit there are times when, from the dark recesses of my mind, the temptation to vote for the most cartoonish candidate has popped into my head. I can almost salivate at the prospect of President Ted Cruz. He would be a windfall for my profession. Now, I'm not advocating for Cruz for president, and he certainly wouldn't get my vote, but I can still dream about the fodder a Cruz presidency would present. Maybe I need to move to Texas.

Here is my latest cartoon on Senator Cruz.


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