‘The Daily Show’ Takes A Brutal Look Back At The Life And Times Of Ted Cruz

The damning video tour includes Cruz's teenage jokes about “world domination,” his capitulation to Donald Trump and his misguided Cancun vacation.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is “the booger on the lip of democracy” in a damning new “Daily Show” video biography.

The nine-minute segment — narrated by correspondent Desi Lydic — begins with footage of Cruz appearing to swallow his own booger on live TV during a 2016 GOP primary debate.

It then cuts back to Cruz’s childhood, showing him as a teenager joking about “world domination.” Viewers watch his ascent to the Senate; unsuccessful 2016 run for the White House; complete capitulation to Donald Trump despite the ex-president’s attacks on his character and wife; backing of Trump’s election lies; and misguided vacation to Cancun while Texans suffered during winter storms.

There’s even an eyebrow-raising moment when Cruz’s mother literally raises her eyebrows in response to a claim he made about her prayers.

Watch the video here:

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