Ted Cruz, Go Home, Please, Go Home, Dude, Go Home, Please

Everyone's favorite Canadian cowboy, Ted Cruz, is thinking about renouncing his Canadian citizenship. Cruz was born to an American mother in Canada -- making him a dual U.S./Canadian citizen. He recently released his birth certificate with speculation swirling that this is a calculated move to set the stage for a 2016 presidential run -- although, rest assured that Donald Trump will make sure that this "birth certificate" is legit, and not simply some elaborate Canuck forgery.... Right, Donald?

But before he renounces anything, El Guapo wants to make sure that Ted "Maple Leaf" Cruz does not make any rash decisions that he'll later regret. So, Teddy, here are just a few reasons to seriously consider setting up camp north of the border.

Your handsome and humble servant-
El Guapo

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