If Ted Cruz And Grayson Allen Swap Faces, Something Amazing Happens

Nothing whatsoever.

Say what you will about their personalities and political and collegiate allegiances, but Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz and Duke sophomore Grayson Allen look a lot alike. Like, a lot. 

Most people don't waste their year watching second-rate college basketball, so they really only started waking up to this reality on Thursday, when Duke faced off against UNC Wilmington during March Madness' Round of 64. 

Chris Macchi, a genius, basically ended any debate to the contrary on Thursday when he decided to use the Face Swap app with the photo at the top of this post to see what happened. And, yeah, there's really no difference. 

Because we are journalists here at The Huffington Post, we decided to just make sure this didn't happen for Chris alone. It didn't.

And there we have it. 



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