Ted Cruz Gets Roasted By Twitter For Proposed Tax Fix

The GOP Texas senator's declaration aroused suspicion and jokes on social media.

“Abolish the IRS!” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) tweeted Sunday, prompting people on Twitter to wisecrack back in droves.

Some, of course, said a better idea would be to “abolish Ted Cruz,” and some suspected the lawmaker was up to no good.

“Sounds like someone who cheats on their taxes,” one tweeter wrote.

Cruz’s declaration is no surprise. He advocates for the elimination of the IRS on his website under “Tax Reform” and proposes a “flat tax” with the same rate for everyone.

While most Americans would like the tax code simplified, a flat tax would disproportionately hurt the poor. A supermarket cashier would be giving Uncle Sam the same percentage as, say, Warren Buffett, former President Barack Obama once explained.

Cruz, who’s hit Twitter with his close-the-IRS talk before, never ceases to rile his critics when he does.

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