Ted Cruz's Own Words About Jan. 6 Come Back To Haunt Him In Damning Supercut

The Texas Republican's past criticism of the U.S. Capitol rioters was flipped back on him following his groveling apology to Tucker Carlson for calling them terrorists.

The ridiculing of Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-Texas) groveling apology to Fox News personality Tucker Carlson for calling the U.S. Capitol riot a “violent terrorist attack” continued on Thursday.

Cruz may have tried to pass off his criticism of the Donald Trump-incited rioters as “sloppy” and “dumb” to Carlson.

But as liberal PAC MeidasTouch showed in the supercut below, it wasn’t the first time Cruz has described the insurrectionists as terrorists:

The PAC also released this video ― titled “Ted Cruz Is Pathetic” ― with an equally blunt reminder of his past comments:

CNN’s Anderson Cooper, meanwhile, was one of the numerous news anchors who mocked Cruz for debasing himself in front of Carlson, saying he had “the spine of a cantaloupe.”

MSNBC’s Joy Reid likened Cruz to “Game of Thrones” character Reek:

Ari Melber, host of “The Beat” on MSNBC, called it a “very sad interview” and “a new low” for the Texas Republican.

And Chris Hayes, also of MSNBC, explained how Cruz has a “well-established and well-documented thing for self-humiliation.”

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