Sen. Ted Cruz Calls Joe Biden 'Jimmy Carter 2.0' And It Doesn't Go So Well

"I think you need to work on your insults," one Twitter user told the Texas Republican.

Sen. Ted Cruz’s attempt to insult President Joe Biden by comparing him to Jimmy Carter didn’t go so well, based on the response from Twitter users.

The Texas Republican referred to Biden as “Jimmy Carter 2.0” on Fox News on Thursday, claiming “the same sort of ideology and incompetence that characterized the Carter regime characterizes now the Biden-Harris regime.”

Although a recent C-SPAN presidential survey ranks Carter as the No. 26 best president, he is often considered one of the best post-presidents thanks to his work with Habitat for Humanity, the Carter Center, and his efforts to promote democracy, human rights and global health.

As a result, many Twitter users were quick to criticize Cruz’s hackneyed attempt to throw red meat to his base.

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