Ted Cruz Called Out For Hypocrisy After Mocking Joe Biden's Tropical Vacation

The smarmy Texas senator either has a very bad memory or simply likes being humiliated, one Twitter user suspected.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) either has a very bad memory or simply likes being humiliated.

That’s the only reasonable explanation for why he attempted to mock President Joe Biden for vacationing in the U.S. Virgin Islands while much of the U.S. is plagued by a frigid winter storm.

Although it can be argued that having the president sunbathing in St. Croix while many of his fellow Americans are shivering makes for bad optics, Cruz is the wrong person to make that argument.

How so? You might remember the smarmy Texas Republican came under fire in February 2021, after he jetted off to Cancun, Mexico, avoiding power outages in his state caused by historic winter weather.

Cruz may have forgotten, but Twitter users were happy to remind him point out his hypocrisy.

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