Ted Cruz Jokes About Hillary Clinton Sitting In Federal Prison

"This does kind of look like Leavenworth."

BETTENDORF, Iowa -- At an event on Monday night, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) joked about Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spending time in federal prison.

Many in the GOP base consider it an article of faith that Clinton broke federal law by mishandling classified information.

Cruz, who has been surging in Iowa recently, began his riff as a way to explain why Clinton and the Democratic Party have manufactured a nonexistent "war on women."

"Imagine you're a Democratic politician," he said, as the crowd pushed back against the suggestion they sully their minds by doing so. "I'm sorry, that's a terrible thing to do to you. But imagine for a second: You're Hillary Clinton. This does kind of look like Leavenworth."

Leavenworth is a federal prison in Kansas. The crowd responded with a mix of delight and disbelief. The joke comes around the 2:30 mark.

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