Ted Cruz Gives Rare Praise To Michelle Obama

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) publicly praised first lady Michelle Obama on Wednesday. Yes, really.

Though the tea party favorite and potential 2016 presidential contender is a strong critic of the White House, he expressed support on Facebook for the first lady's decision to not wear a headscarf in Saudi Arabia, while she and the president expressed their condolences on the death of King Abdullah.

"Kudos to First Lady Michelle Obama for standing up for women worldwide and refusing to wear a Sharia-mandated head-scarf in Saudi Arabia. Nicely done," Cruz wrote, while linking to a story about the first lady's attire.

It's rare to hear Cruz praise the White House. He has been a constant critic of the Obamas, especially in regard to their push for the Affordable Care Act. After Michelle Obama appeared in an ad urging young people to sign up for health insurance plans last year, Cruz got fired up, noting his disgust with the "condescension and patronizing" that he said was coming from Washington, D.C.

View the Facebook post here.

Sen. Ted Cruz

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