Old Ted Cruz Tweet Comes Back To Haunt Him At The Worst Possible Time

The Texas senator's attempt to dunk on California is looking really awkward now.

An old tweet by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex) is coming back to haunt him.

Last summer, Cruz ripped California for asking residents to conserve energy amid a power crisis, claiming it was a sign that the state was “unable to perform even basic functions of civilization.”

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas asked the state’s residents to conserve energy amid power plant outages combined with rising demand for electricity.

Cruz, of course, has his own history when it comes to dealing with his state’s ongoing power problems.

Or rather, not dealing with them: In February, after a winter storm crippled the power supply and led to massive outages, Cruz fled for a vacation in sunny Cancun.

Here’s Cruz’s original tweet from last summer as the Golden State struggled with power:

That tweet came back to haunt Cruz during the winter energy crisis. Now, Twitter users are taunting him with it again in light of the latest news:

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