The 'Seinfeld' Theme Actually Makes Ted Cruz's Cringeworthy COVID-19 Gags Funny

A mashup of the Texas Republican's CPAC speech is going viral.

Sen. Ted Cruz’s cringeworthy attempt at a coronavirus-themed comedy routine during his Conservative Political Action Conference address last week has received the “Seinfeld” treatment.

Someone added the hit ’90s show’s opening theme music over the Texas Republican’s “jokes” about how COVID-19 is transmitted in restaurants. The short clip has received a (virtual) standing ovation on social media.

Instagram user @juulmule_ created and posted the video online this week, they told HuffPost, because “memes are what makes the world go round.” It’s now been shared by multiple meme accounts.

It’s just one of several moments from Cruz’s speech ― which included an ill-advised gag about his controversial Cancun trip and the channeling of William Wallace ― to go viral.

Watch the video here:

And compare it to the original “Seinfeld” theme music here:

This story has been updated with the video creator’s comment.

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