Ted Cruz Complains He Was Taunted At The Border And You Know What Happened Next

The Texas senator, who fled to Cancun during a crisis last month, tried a new publicity stunt from this side of the border.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) complained on Fox News on Monday that he was taunted during a photo op at the U.S.-Mexico border last week. 

In the footage from the trip, Cruz pointed into the bushes near the Rio Grande and spoke of unseen smugglers on the other side.

“Just a few minutes ago there were multiple smugglers on the other side who were shining flashlights at us, who were yelling at us, who were taunting us,” he said. “Who were taunting, I think they probably assumed we were Border Patrol, but they routinely taunt the Border Patrol.”  

Cruz also complained in footage he posted on his Twitter feed last week about the “taunting.” 

But given that Cruz is often taunted elsewhere ― especially on Twitter ― more than a few critics did so again and several refered to a scene in “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” featuring a literal taunter:

Cruz’s latest trip came more than a month after he visited the other side of the border for a very different reason. He abandoned his home state in the middle of a major disaster to take a vacation in Cancun. As Texans struggled with freezing temperatures and sweeping power outages, Cruz and his family hung out at the Ritz-Carlton. 

Cruz returned the next day once word got out, tried to blame the trip on his daughters, then blamed the media and ultimately attempted to make jokes about it. For that and other reasons, the taunting followed Cruz from the border to Twitter: