Ted Cruz's Attempt To Explain Journalism To Reporter Backfires Spectacularly

The Texas senator's attempt to help spread Trump's favorite conspiracy theory quickly fell apart.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) tried to defend President Donald Trump’s constant rants about “Obamagate.”

It didn’t go well.

Trump has repeatedly railed against former President Barack Obama, claiming “Obamagate” is the “biggest political crime in American history” without offering any details on what that supposed crime is.

When asked by a reporter to explain it earlier this month, Trump simply said, “You know what the crime is.”

On Wednesday, MSNBC analyst and editor of The Recount John Heilemann replied to Trump’s latest “Obamagate” tweet with another request for an explanation.

That’s when Cruz stepped in it:

In 2016, Cruz himself was on the receiving end of wild accusations from Trump when the two were rivals for the GOP nomination ― including a claim that the senator’s father, Rafael Cruz, was somehow involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Since then, the Texas Republican has become a staunch Trump supporter, but Heilemann took the opportunity to remind the senator of the accusation:

Others also quickly joined in, with some making similar references to Cruz’s history with Trump:

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