Teen's Cell Phone Bill Tops $20,000, Verizon Waives Charges

Teen's Cell Phone Bill Tops $20,000

A thirteen year-old in California managed to run up a cell phone bill totaling nearly $22,000 the Associated Press reports.

After Ted Estarija added his teenage son to his Verizon cell phone plan, the teenager racked up $21,917 in data usage charges from downloading 1.4 million kilobytes of data his first month with the phone.

The Consumerist explains that since the family did not have a data plan, Verizon charged them by the megabyte.

So what does over $20,000 in data charges buy you?

According to the Business Insider, 1.4 million kilobytes is equivalent to about 200 downloaded songs, or one hour of played video.

Verizon agreed to waive the charges, but the teen won't be getting his phone back.

The AP reports:

Estarija says after the first media reports, Verizon said they would credit his account for the entire amount. He has also suspended his son's account.

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