Ted Koppel May Join 'Rock Center' On NBC: WSJ

Ted Koppel May Join New NBC Show

The Wall Street Journal reports that Ted Koppel is in talks to join NBC News' new magazine show, "Rock Center With Brian Williams."

Koppel, of course, is most famous for his decades-long tenure at ABC News, where he led "Nightline" for 25 years. Since stepping down from that post in 2005, Koppel has cut a lower profile, contributing to BBC America, NPR and the Discovery Channel and getting into a spat about the media with Keith Olbermann.

A source told the WSJ that Koppel would participate in the NBC show only on occasion, but even so, he would add to a lineup that is already being filled with big names. NBC News announced that Meredith Vieira will join the show as a special correspondent last week. Harry Smith, the former co-host of CBS's "The Early Show" and Kate Snow, who was at NBC's "Dateline," will also be correspondents.

The paper reports that NBC is investing heavily in "Rock Center," which was just announced last week, to pull the network out of a prime-time slump. "Rock Center" could even take the place of a struggling show.

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