Rep. Ted Lieu Needs Just One Sentence To Insult Bill Barr's Legal Skills

The attorney general claimed not to know whether it's legal for Americans to try to vote twice. The California lawmaker offered facetious help.

In a moment that left many people scratching their heads, Attorney General William Barr didn’t seem too sure about whether voting once by mail and a second time in person is illegal when asked about it during a Wednesday interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

Luckily, Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) was there to help.

Although it’s illegal to vote more than once in a given election, President Donald Trump suggested just that during a stop in North Carolina on Wednesday, saying voters should test their state’s election system by voting both by mail and then in person. North Carolina officials have noted that attempting to vote twice is a crime.

When Blitzer asked Barr about Trump’s comment, the nation’s leading law enforcement official declined to say it was illegal, adding that he did not know the specific law in North Carolina.

On Thursday, Lieu decided to troll help out Barr by tweeting a single sentence aimed at making the attorney general more familiar with the laws he’s supposed to defend.

And he did it on letterhead!


Many Twitter users appreciated Lieu’s legal lesson and the implicit Barr putdown.



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