Donald Trump's Rumored EU Ambassador Says He Could Help Bring It Down

He has never been a fan of the union.

The man who President Donald Trump is reportedly eyeing to be the United States’ European Union liaison said Thursday that he wants to help bring down the group.

“I helped bring down the Soviet Union, so maybe there’s another union that needs a little taming,” Ted Malloch said when asked by BBC’s “This Week” why he wanted to be the EU ambassador.

Malloch, who worked for the United Nations in the late 1980s, has never held back his contempt for the EU, which he has referred to as “elitist supranational organization.” In addition to being a supporter of Britain’s decision to leave the bloc, Malloch has also called NATO “old and tired” and said that he believes the euro may soon “collapse.” 

“President Trump was in favor of Brexit and thinks it was a wise decision taken by the British people,” he told the Daily Express. “I am a U.S. citizen and could therefore not vote but I did support the Leave campaign intellectually and spiritually.”

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May is set to meet with Trump on Friday. While she has promised to follow through with a so-called hard Brexit, she has insisted she doesn’t want the EU to dissolve.