Ted Nugent Slams 'Brain Dead' Liberals, Flings Profanity At CBS News Team (VIDEO)

Rocker Ted Nugent was given another chance to speak out this week in an interview that aired Friday on CBS' "This Morning." He didn't fail to deliver on the bombast and provocation that have characterized his recent public appearances, especially graphic comments he made last month about President Barack Obama and Democrats.

At a National Rifle Association convention in St. Louis in April, Nugent unloaded, saying that he would be "dead or in jail by this time next year" if Obama is re-elected. The Secret Service took notice of his remarks, and as is customary in such situations, paid the entertainer a visit. Nugent has maintained that he had a cordial meeting with the agents, a claim that he repeated on Friday.

"They came in as professionals," Nugent told CBS in an interview from his Texas ranch. "Good, solid, professional law enforcement representatives, some of the greatest warriors in law enforcement. Anyway, so we had a meeting and it was serious, dead serious, because I can actually be serious, and it was serious."

Continued Nugent: "I feel sorry for liberals who can be that brain dead as to take a clear statement of fear on my part and turn it into a threat against somebody else."

Nugent also called the event "adorable" and explained his belief that the Secret Service personnel who had interviewed him never believed his perceived threat was actually a concern.

The controversy created by the "Motor City Madman" -- who reportedly endorsed GOP presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney after the campaign called him -- was seized upon by Democrats last month, who used it as an opportunity to hold the presumptive GOP nominee's feet to the fire.

The Romney campaign was largely silent on the matter, however, saying that "divisive language is offensive and inappropriate" and announcing that the former Massachusetts governor believes "everyone needs to be civil." Nugent told CBS that the campaign "expressed support" after his NRA comments.

During the interview, Nugent launched into a rambling tirade about being a "moderate." It concluded with profanity directed at the interviewer and a female producer who was off-camera. From CBS:

"I think in an honest and sincere analysis of what Ted Nugent is, I think once you take away the battle fatigues of my rock and roll insanity -- I like to use this analogy: I'm a welder. When I work, sparks are flying and there's soot, but you know what? When I'm done welding, I take off the regalia. I shower, and I'm a pretty nice guy to hang around with. You know what I am after the welding? I'm a moderate. I'm an extremely loving and passionate man, and people who investigate me honestly, without the baggage of political correctness, ascertain the conclusion that I'm a damned nice guy. ... And if you can find a screening process more powerful than that, I'll [expletive] your [expletive], or [expletive] you. How's that sound?"

Nugent later apologized for the outburst after pressure from his wife.

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