Ted Nugent: IRS Used 'Nazi Tactics' In Targeting Scandal

Rocker Ted Nugent had harsh words for the Internal Revenue Service this week, accusing the embattled agency of using "Nazi tactics" in its targeting of conservative groups.

In an interview with The-Trades.com published Thursday, Nugent weighed in on the scandal, charging the government with "going after people who dare to function as We the People monitoring and asking questions of our employees in government."

"Certainly it's a manifestation of a cultural abandonment by We the People, and the curse of apathy that has strangled this country for so long, beginning after World War II and metastasized to this indecent level where literally Nazi-like tactics -- and people will consider that rhetoric and 'extreme talk,'" Nugent said. "Give me a break, it's Nazi tactics."

He continued, "The IRS is a Nazi-type jackbooted organization who runs with impunity and will do what they damn well please."

The outspoken musician also had choice words for President Barack Obama and his decision to name Susan Rice as National Security Adviser.

"You've got to be kidding me!" Nugent said of Rice's new role. "Who's he going to appoint in charge of the children's playground, Jeffrey Dahmer? This President, this Vice-President, this Attorney General -- these people are absolutely enemies of freedom."

It's not the first time Nugent has invoked the infamous serial killer in criticizing the Obama administration. He used the same analogy earlier this year when criticizing Obama for placing Vice President Joe Biden in charge of a task force on gun violence.

Nugent pressed on with his criticism during the interview with The-Trades.com, claiming that Obama and others in the administration should be "in jail" for their actions.

"I'm on a jihad to maximize the good while crushing the bad and the ugly," he said. "I want people in the IRS in jail. I want Eric Holder in jail. I want Barack Obama in jail. I want Joe Biden in jail. I want Hillary Clinton in jail. This is absolutely out of control."



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