Ted Nugent Says 'Enemy' Obama Is Causing Veteran Suicides

Ted Nugent: Obama Is Causing Veteran Suicides

Ted Nugent is blaming the "enemy" for veteran suicides: President Barack Obama.

“Here’s your job, Republican Party," Nugent said over the weekend in comments posted online by Right Wing Watch. "Twenty to 25 of those guys kill themselves every day, and they haven’t told you why and they haven’t told anybody else why but they told me why: because the commander-in-chief is the enemy.”

Nugent was speaking at the Republican Party of Maricopa County, Arizona's Lincoln Day Dinner, where he had been introduced by controversial sheriff Joe Arpaio, the website reported.

Nugent made similar comments nearly two years ago to conservative radio host Alex Jones.

At the time, Nugent said veterans were taking their own lives "because they are in absolute frustration and heartbreak that their boss, their commander-in-chief, violates the Constitution that he has made an oath to, while their hero warrior blood brothers are being blown to smithereens and blown up while executing their oath to the same Constitution that the president, the vice president and the attorney general violate."

The classic rocker has a history of controversial statements, with the president as a frequent target of his ire. Last year, he apologized after calling Obama "a subhuman mongrel." Nugent has also called Obama "an evil, dangerous man who hates America" and said in 2012 that he would "either be dead or in jail" in a year if the president was reelected.

(h/t Mediaite)

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